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Be Where the People Are

TrendCatch Advertising is your personal creative design team. In a world where barriers to advertising are everywhere, you need professional guidance to get you noticed by the right audience.

Our team not only knows where to find your prospects but also how to speak their language. Trusted by thousands of New Yorkers, we offer real engagement that translates into real ROI.

Our live boards are feature-rich and are positioned in some of the most highly-trafficked locations. With a wide advertising network, we secure our client's direct access to their ideal market. And we do it for less than our competitors.

From one locally owned business to another, we help keep your advertising budget in check without sacrificing the quality of your campaign. Tap into industry-leading technology, connect with the right audiences, and build a stronger brand all with the help of the TrendCatch Advertising team.

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Technology That Works

Our team uses industry-leading software, hardware, and analytics to make your marketing campaigns successful, trackable, and highly targeted. Our real-time data molds our marketing strategy towards powerful results in real life. Fully scalable, our services are ideal for any sized business. Put technology to work for your business, when you choose our solutions.

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Proven Results

Out of the thousands of live board campaigns we’ve run, we’ve discovered that 48% of local consumers have purchased a product from a company they’ve seen a liveboard ad from, compared with 0% of consumers who haven’t.

Could your business use 48% more consumers?

Our liveboard ads offer you 24/7 access to potential customers. We have over 200 liveboard displays along with an incredible presence in the most highly trafficked areas of the world’s most visited city— New York. No matter your brand, no matter your audience, our advertising strategies are proven to work.